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John L. Stephens, P.E

"Electromechanical EE"

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“John Stephens is an accomplished engineer with broad and deep experience in electronic and electromechanical systems. John has a unique ability to apply expert knowledge with a ‘hands on’ approach that spans troubleshooting, improving existing systems, or providing design services for new capabilities. I have been impressed with the entrepreneurial passion he has for his work, and the flexibility demonstrated to take on difficult assignments. He is a valuable resource for companies that cannot afford a full time engineer, and desire a capable partner to advance their competitive position.”

Joe Bridgeford, Operations Manager, Mobil Chemical Co, Plastics Division worked with John at Mobil Chemical

“I was introduced to John Stephens about a year and a half ago as I was looking for someone to help me with a second generation of a Ski Flex Tester.
John’s excitement and eagerness to jump into the project caught my attention right away.
His attention to all the details and tenaciousness in getting the right solution clearly told me that I was working with the right guy. He researched and studied up on all the subject matter and worked hard to clearly understand the application and what was needed to build a machine that would address all the requirements. John’s follow through was complete and through as he developed a state of the art machine that has set the new standard for industry. John is very resourceful and does not hesitate to step out side his fields of expertise to find solutions. He is well connected and works every angle to find the right solution. I would highly recommend John for any design and development position or program.”

Ernie Day, Operations Manager & Lead for Solar Hot Water Business, Global Point Technology & Global Point Energy was with another company when working with John at Stephens Electronics

“John is very detail oriented. His expertise in Power and Control Systems proved to be very useful to the company. One of the areas that he focused on was thermal measurement and control for the system we were developing. He helped us understand several issues we were having that were challenging to overcome. John has been able to apply his education to find practical solutions. He has a unique grasp of electrical control and electromechanical systems which enhances his ability to troubleshoot and design these systems. As a consultant, I am sure you will find his work valuable.”

David Holman, Sr. Development Engineer, ITT Space Systems Division worked directly with John at Kodak [Space Systems Division]

“John is an expert and creative electronics/ electrical, design/ development engineer, with a good mechanical engineering perspective. He created a production-scale web handling line for research applications, with the latest state of the art unwind/rewind tension control, and web guiding from junk machinery at very low cost. He also mechanically modified and instrumented packaging machines for online data acquisition of process variables such as forming collar force, web tension, speed etc. John is an expert in his field, is cost-effective, creative, dependable and a good teacher. He will be an asset to any organization.” January 10, 2010

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value

Raj RanjanSenior Engineer/ Development Engineering Supervisor at Mobil Chemical Company worked directly with John at Mobil Chemical 

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