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My Inventions

 LabVIEW® Software has been key in several projects:

A]   Nordic Ski Flex Testing System used LabVIEW to display the deflection of a Snow Ski with various applied loads to accurately quantify [and then allow comparison of] force distribution along the length of snow skis. [see]

B] Test fixture to measure & plot graphs of friction force [COF] of several different materials with all LabVIEW plots on a single Excel graph for easy comparisons.

C] Developed a "Whistle Tester" to validate the loudness of an injection-molded whistle used in a nebulizer. LabVIEW software.plotted air flow and audio levels and provided graphical display and data archiving.
Data Acquisition, Graphing and archiving are accomplished on this popular platform along with Operator Interfacing and operator prompts.  My Son has used LabVIEW during various employments, and owns the 2010 version.

Recent Projects include:

- Design and fabrication of an Indexing Rotary Turntable system to provide hi-rel seals between medical plastic bags.  The TOSS technique of measuring the ACTUAL temperature of their special Nichrome Alloy Seal Bands produces superb and consistent seal quality.

- Implimented accurate and fast analog position sensors to measure hi-speed solenoid and cylinder reaction times

- Analysed a new Windmill design and resolved difficulties with setup of the Inverter for Grid-Connected Power Generation.


I trust there is sufficient information on these pages to
give you a sense of my competence in or near your area of need.

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