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John L. Stephens, P.E

"Electromechanical EE"

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Industrial Electronics Expert


I am a "Pain Killer" [Troubleshooter], Inventor, Electrical Engineer, and
Designer of Industrial Electromechanical
Testing and
Manufacturing Systems.

  Interactions between Electrical and Mechanical systems can make problem-solving difficult.
Brainstorming and discovering these solutions is a particular specialty.

The upgrade of my Impulse Heat-Sealing System design had many challenges:  


The particularly novel part of the solution for adjusting the [4] side heat-seals is...
 ...the disassembly [and later re-assembly] of the calipers so the ends could be machined. 


What "pain" may I help you with???

What Test Fixture or equipment improvement would save you money,
or improve safety?


Pick two problems you would like to get resolved. 

Between my capabilities [and those of colleagues in my network] we can help.

John L. Stephens, P.E.
Stephens Electronics
1201 Summit Drive
Newark, NY 14513
Cell: 315/573-4964 

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